We’re here to create clarity and guidance around your renewable energy needs, so you can make smart, money-saving choices that work well for your home or business.

Our mission

Living our purpose

We do our best to educate everybody who contacts us about the realities and opportunities involved in renewable energy. There’s a great deal of debate around these subjects, and we see it as our responsibility to guide you through the noise and recommend solutions that are tailored to your individual needs.

Our Story

Some years ago, we saw first-hand that by embracing solar energy, homeowners in the UK can enjoy lower energy bills and increase property value all while making a positive environmental impact. But there was one major issue: the industry was full of conflicting advice and sales people simply wanting to take advantage of the popularity of renewable energy.

We decided to make it our mission to bring clarity and specialist consultancy to this sector, guiding individuals to ultimately make the best decision. ekinect makes the transition to solar energy seamless and rewarding; helping people save money at a time when energy prices are sky-high while contributing to a greener planet.

As a team of experts from finance and energy consumption to engineering, we make the entire journey easy for you. If you’re interested in learning more about us, we welcome you to get in touch for a friendly chat.