EV Chargers

Charge your vehicle cheaply & conveniently

EV charger options to suit you.

EV Charger only

Electric vehicle charger only
£ 800
  • Charge electric vehicle at your convenience
  • Hassle Free Installation
  • 3-year EV charger warranty

Full package

EV Charger, Solar Panels & Battery Pack
£ 10,000
  • Solar Panel Installation
  • Battery Pack Installation
  • 25 year waranty on solar panels
  • 10-year Battery Warranty

Disclaimer: The prices displayed are estimations and may not represent the final cost of your installation due to various factors. For accurate pricing tailored to your needs, please contact us for a personalised quote. ekinect reserves the right to modify or update pricing without prior notice and disclaims liability for reliance on this information. Additional fees and charges may apply, and final terms will be detailed in a formal agreement between ekinect and the customer. Contact us directly for precise pricing information and to discuss your solar energy requirements.


Yes, all EV chargers installed by ekinect come with a 3-year manufacture warranty.